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Contour Roller Mouse Red

RSI, tenosynovitis, or whatever you call it personally, it hurts. RSI stands for repetitive strain injury and this affliction is usually linked with typists. That’s not to say that other manual, as well as sporting, actions won’t give rise to this painful, and somewhat debilitating, condition but, in the case of keyboarditis (that’s my personal name for it), there are things out there to prevent the condition coming on.

In our modern world, there has been a huge increase in the number of people with RSI, the pain occurring in the hand, arm, neck and shoulder. There’s also been a huge increase in the number of people working hour upon hour at a computer, without looking at the ergonomics of their own personal situation.

Ergonomics – a modern world word. It means the study of the application of biology and engineering to the relationship between workers and their environment. In other words, making the working environment fit the individual’s needs. And we all need that, don’t we?

So, if your office chair and office desk are in alignment (you’ll know this is the case, if your lower arm glides smoothly towards, and onto, the desk and keyboard, without any major climb or descent needed in the wrist area), you’re already sitting pretty and so now we can concentrate on what’s happening with those wrists and fingers.

The last few years have seen a realisation that left-handed people benefit from a left-handed mouse. If you’re right-handed, the only way you may truly appreciate this is to find someone who is using a left-handed mouse and for you to try to keep your clicking speed up with your non-dominant hand.

But we now have an answer to this RSI- cum- left and right handed keyboard problem in the Contour Rollermouse Red. This new design mouse is placed centrally in front of your keyboard and means that you don’t have to regularly reach to the right (or to the left) for the mouse. The textured roller bar is built for two-handed use and has five buttons, which offer right click, left click, a double click, copy and paste. While you might be thinking that the movement of your neck, shoulder, elbow, arm, wrist and hand are minimal, don’t forget that that is how the condition starts in the first place. It’s the repetition of those minimal and, dare I say it, insignificant, movements which make a mountain out of a molehill.

While you’re on, you could also buy the support rest which fits round the Contour Rollermouse Red, as that will make that horizontal passage from wrist to keyboard is smooth and comfortable.

There, an ergonomic keyboard and mouse to complement your ergonomic office. What could be better?

Contour Rollermouse Red from Simply Ergonomic
Contour Rollermouse Red from Simply Ergonomic

a bad workman always blames his tools

Having worked in an office for more years than I care to remember, I have passed from the manual office system of writing information and filing into the computer lifestyle of typing everything and saving to computer storage.

Computers were supposed to cut down on paper and I suppose they do, although there is still a great need for keeping documents in huge files, just in case …. . Now computers follow us where ever we go…

So I suppose you could say that I have spent a lot of my life sitting down and not very well, it seems. I would have argued that my sitting with a straight back all these years has been worth its while but, with the arrival of the computer, the keyboard and let us not forget the mouse, I seemed to spend a lot of time turning this way and that.

It started with pain in my wrists. Tenosynovitis, or RSI (repetitive strain injury) as it is now called, is painful and any repetitive movement can cause it but I suppose it also had something to do with the fact that my chair wasn’t high enough. Sitting on a cushion helped but I had already developed the pain, so prevention would have been better than cure.

Today, I see my younger colleagues using computer workstations, ergonomic office chairs with arm supports and some also have ergonomic wrist rests. Needless to say, these have been supplied by a savvy employer who realises the benefits of creating an ergonomic office.

If you’re more comfortable, you’re happier and, if you’re happy, it shows in your work. It’s like they used to say, ‘a bad workman always blames his tools’. That old office chair that I used all those years ago didn’t promote good posture. The chair I have now does, as it is adjustable to my height and my workstation. My forearms run horizontally to the keyboard and my feet fully touch the floor. That can’t be bad, can it?

Ergohuman Ergonomic Office Chair
Ergohuman Ergonomic Office Chair

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Basic Rules – Feng Shui

Not sure how to pronounce it? You’re not alone. Some may argue that Feng Shui is just non sense and ancient superstition, other will have a natural respect and mild curiosity without going to the extend of putting any Feng Shui rules into practice – the common excuse being “I don’t know enough about it”. There seems to be a great deal of mystery surrounding Feng Shui, when many of the basic rules are only common sense. It is primarily based on being in control of the situation whether at home or at work. Position your bed or chair so that you feel secure and cannot be taken by surprise by someone bursting into the room. Avoid positioning furniture in straight lines along the walls. Be organic, nature is all curves, not angles, think ergonomic.

The same rules apply to the office environment . An office worker will not give his best performance with his back turned to the door, or a stream of collegues passing by or coming up on him from behind. He would feel hastled and nervous and would have to constantly watch his back. Any of us would naturally feel uneasy in such a position. Additionally being trapped in a cubicle with no view will not make the employees happy. Without adding chimes, mirrors and money plants everywhere, great benefits can still be added to the workplace by applying some of the main Feng Shui rules. Ideally it is best to first draw up a plan of your office , superimpose the Pa Kwa map and see where each area falls. Areas such as rest, wealth, friendship, health and pleasure need to be used wisely – the wealth area being ideal for the shop’s till while the friendship area could be used by the sales-team to enhance relationships with clients. Understandably, this may not always be possible as office space is often at a premium. However small changes will improve the workforce happiness and should have an immediate and long-term impact on sales, creativity and staff retention.

In Japan, it is not uncommon for employees to refuse working in bad Feng Shui positions; these rules are indeed taken very seriously. Pillars have to be moved and office partitioning has to be rearranged to create a positive working environment for all employees. To maximise the space in my home office I actually confess that I have my back to the door. But all is not lost, as Feng Shui offers a range of remedies. In this case I just have to hang a mirror on the wall to alert me of an intruder! I see this as a temporary solution and I am quite keen to apply most of the Feng Shui rules as soon as I buy a new office desk and matching filing cabinets. All whats needed now is a stylish mesh office chair like the Ergohuman Plus Mesh Office Chair from Simply Ergonomic.
Ergohuman Plus Mesh Office Chair

Modern Home Office Furniture

Today business is not only limited to office in fact it has spread its dimensions to home as well. People today prefer to work from home rather than travelling long distances. In such cases they need to feel the environment of office at home and hence construct such an atmosphere. Furniture contributes a lot and termed home office furniture. The advantage here is that you are free to try and can be creative as much as you can. However, make sure that while shopping for home office furniture keep one thing in mind that it should be strong and long lasting. Moreover, home office furniture should serve dual purpose of functionality and style. In addition, appearance matters a lot. It connotes appearance you want to give t your room. If you have contemporary style home you should contemporary office furniture. If your home is modern looking then purchase modern office furniture.

Home office desk is the primary element while shopping home office furniture. To work either from home or office desk is must. But as far as home office desk is concerned varieties are available but you have to choose the one which suits and fits your work. While selecting home office desks take into account the amount of room where the desk will be located. Besides, if you want stylish and executive home office desk check out executive home office desk models. Executive desks have large storage space..
Next comes your home office chair. Selection of home office chairs depends on its usage i.e. how much you use it. If your work is occasional then don’t spend hefty sum of money on chair but if your work consumed your hours then it is recommended to use ergonomics chairs. Now which ergonomic chair? That depends on your budget and choice. After all comfort also matters. Moreover, how your room looks and what is the style of your desk also affect buying decision associated with home office chair.
Besides desks and chairs, home office furniture includes wall units, book cases, lighting, textiles, rugs and accessories. These items are bought depending upon one’s personal choice and demand of the room. Each and every item should be chosen carefully as your client should feel business environment leading to better business prospects. In addition, only comfortable home office will give you the feeling and mood of office at our home which will help you to work actively.

Following factors should be considered well while going to buy home office furniture:
1. Space: Keep in mind the space available to locate your furniture. It will help you in anticipating the items to be bought.
2. Kind of furniture: Once space is determined, list out the items required depending upon the space and your work requirement.
3. Budget: Third and the most important is budget. Varieties are numerous but financial resources cannot be ignored. Make judicial use if your funds while purchasing home office furniture.
4. Safety and Health of your staff: Upgrade your employees to a safer and healthy environment buy ergonomically designed and office furniture. Poorly designed furniture may make your employees vulnerable to disorders like eye strain, backaches, headaches, etc.
Other factors may include concentration, fatigue, irritation, etc.